Hodghurst Farm

Hodghurst Farm is located just below the Longmynd in Shropshire.

Clients needed a new sheep handling system designed and installed to the most appropriate staging area.

Date Completed:
May 2021

Hodghurst Farm

Robert & Christine Forsyth

Hodghurst Farm is a family run business based at two farms in the rolling hills of Shropshire. We’re located just below the Longmynd and Red House Farm, Longville is nestled under the Wenlock Edge.

Both farms are in very beautiful settings and great locations for raising livestock.

The sheep handling system we had was starting to become a little hard to use. Many of the original timber posts had began to rot and the weather had just started to take its toll! We asked Edge Fabrication to design a new system for us whilst ensuring the the same area was used again. We didn’t really want to change the way we do things to much, and we didn’t want the location of the system moved from where it was. We feel that they both worked great.

Nick surveyed the area and returned with a new design that ticked all the boxes. We’ve had new gates installed which leads to 2 pens, using their Hurdle With Sliding Gates. The sheep then move on through the Curved Sheeted Hurdles and around the collecting area with an amazing ‘Pull Through Gate’. An amazing thing! New Sheeted Gate Hurdles leading to a couple of ‘Race Guillotine Gates’ have made life very easy, and we’re particularly impressed with their Cranked Drop In Posts which meant that the existing slab didn’t need to be replaced!

We’ve always had the need for another couple pf small pens so EdgeFabs even created a few using their Standard Sheep Hurdles. Finally, the boys were happy to provide enough wall hooks for us to store all the hurdles not being used safely and out of the way.

We’re over the moon with the work that’s been done here and wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending Edge Fabrication Services to others!